Application for joining LebMASH

Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health LebMASH. Our Association offers several ways for people to get involved in LebMASH.

  1. Volunteer: a volunteer would provide services for LebMASH, such as translating documents from English to Arabic or French, event organizing, graphic design, accounting and bookkeeping, academic quality writing, and research.
  1. Speaker: a speaker would participate in speaking engagements on behalf of LebMASH, including training and education events and media appearances related to sexual health and LGBT health.
  1. Partner: a partner would collaborate on an ongoing basis with LebMASH, either on one-time events or on ongoing projects.
  1. Board Member: a board member would commit to advancing the mission and objectives of LebMASH by dedicating time, skills, and financial resources to the Association. The minimum expectations from a board member:
  • Attending a monthly two-hour board meeting via video conferencing
  • Contributing annual dues to the Association
  • Participating in the annual strategic planning retreat, usually held in March of each year in Lebanon
  • Assuming the oversight of at least one LebMASH project

Please send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and letter of intent to and make sure the letter of intent includes the following:

  • A description of your interest in sexual health and LGBT health
  • A description of why you are interested in LebMASH
  • A description of prior involvement in non profit and non governmental work
  • The position you wish to apply for as the subject of your email. (i.e: Volunteer, Speaker, Partner, Board Member)

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