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LebMASH strongly recommends that users review and understand the disclaimers below, before using LebGUIDE

The listed healthcare providers have been screened for their attitudes and behaviors towards LGBT people through a self-reported survey, and have met our criteria for inclusion.

Our criteria were developed based on the results of a qualitative study we have conducted with LGBT beneficiaries, in which they expressed their positive and negative experiences with the healthcare system and healthcare providers in Lebanon.

Following the screening phase, we have conducted semi-structured interviews with each of the listed healthcare providers in order to validate their answers and to establish credibility for their inclusion on this directory.

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The original star rating provided by LebGUIDE is not an assessment of the medical knowledge or skills of the clinician; the rating is an indication of the degree to which the clinician is LGBT-welcoming and LGBT-affirming.

Despite the steps that LebMASH has taken to assess the degree to which clinicians listed in LebGUIDE are LGBT-welcoming and LGBT-affirming, LebMASH assumes no liability for any outcome or interaction individual patients may have with the clinicians.

LebGUIDE incorporates user ratings, and individuals reviews will be taken into consideration, and may affect the clinician’s rating on LebGUIDE. Users are encouraged to contact the LebGUIDE team on healthcare.directory@lebmash.org to suggest the inclusion of new clinicians to be listed on LebGUIDE. We strongly urge users to utilize respectful language while providing reviews.

All listed clinicians have provided consent to be on LebGUIDE.

LebGUIDE is meant to serve as a tool to enhance access to care for the LGBT community. LebGUIDE provides no direct or indirect financial compensation to clinicians listed in our database. .

Being listed as a clinician on LebGUIDE is in no way a reflection of that clinician’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

LebGUIDE only includes clinicians currently practicing in Lebanon.

Clinicians who are not already listed on LebGUIDE, and who are LGBT-welcoming can request to add themselves and/or request to go through the vetting process to be endorsed by LebMASH

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