LebMASH sessions at Proud

Since 2013, LebMASH has provided 3 educational sessions to beneficiaries of Proud Lebanon services.

In October 2013, LebMASH provided a session on general sexual health and specifically anal health to 40 people at Proud. The event proved popular, and lead to 2 other sessions.

In February 2014, LebMASH and Proud reconvened to host a session on psychology, mental health and depression. This session was facilitated by a psychiatrist, allowing for a greater insight into the topic. There were 55 participants to the session.

In June 2014, 2 LebMASH physicians offered a questions and answers session about sexual health. This event was also attended by 30 participants.

These events and their popularity show the need to continue offering such services in Beirut and the rest of Lebanon to raise needed awareness about sexual health.

PS: this post was published originally by our intern and was edited later by members of our board on Sept 8, 2014