LGBT Directory

As part of its ongoing mission and vision to advance LGBT people’s access to healthcare, LebMASH is currently developing a database of LGBT-friendly healthcare providers. The aim of the directory is to motivate LGBT people to seek high quality healthcare, by linking them to healthcare providers who are professional, respectful, non-discriminatory, and willing to attend to their healthcare needs. The directory will be published online, and will also be available in hard copy.

This directory will be dynamic, interactive, and user friendly. As such, healthcare providers who are endorsed by LebMASH and who meet the criteria of being LGBT-friendly will be listed according to their specialty, and their location. Users will also be able to rate their experiences with the listed healthcare providers in order to increase the credibility of the directory. The directory will include healthcare providers from different specialties such as general physicians, gynecologists, dermatologists, therapists, and psychiatrists to name a few.

This project is being implemented because LebMASH identified a gap in LGBT people’s access to healthcare providers who are sensitized to the specific healthcare needs of LGBT people. Accordingly, we expect this project to benefit both LGBT people and healthcare providers by increasing LGBT people’s access to professional healthcare, and facilitating client referrals among healthcare providers.

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  • Subscribe to LebMASH’s Mailing list

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