LGBT Health Week 2017 | Medical Conference | USJ Medical Campus

A full day medical conference was held at Amphi C room at USJ. 70 health care professional attended. The speakers and moderators at the conference included LebMASH board members as well as experts from different health areas in Lebanon such as Dr. Bernard Gerbaka the immediate past president of the Lebanese Pediatric Society, Dr. Brigitte Khoury past president and founder of the Lebanese Psychological Association, Dr. Sami Richa the chief of psychiatry at USJ, Dr. Nesrine Rizk an HIV specialist at AUB, and Dr. Faysal el Kak a sexual health expert in Lebanon. Breakfast, Lunch, and coffee breaks were provided. Several NGOs that focus on sexual health in their work participated in the conference as well by exhibit their work on booths stationed outside the main hall. These included Marsa, SIDC, and Embrace.