Gaël Abou Ghannam

Dr. Gaël Abou Ghannam is an OBGYN and infertility specialist with expertise in fertility preservation. She works at Bellevue Medical Center, in a private clinic in Ghazir and is also part of a polyclinic THE HEALTHQUARTERS in Beirut.
She received both her medical and residency (obstetrics and gynecology) training at the American university of Beirut where she graduated in 2012. After graduating, she left for Belgium where she trained as a fellow in Reproductive endocrinology and infertility in the department of Gynecology and Andrology of “Les cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc” in Brussels.
These last 2 years of training were mainly focused on reproductive health with extensive training in female as well as in male infertility and andrology. She also had the chance to be working with pioneers in the field of ovarian and testicular tissue cryopreservation.
Her main field of interest is fertility preservation in adult and pediatric patients. Being familiar with the different techniques of preservation, she knows how to counsel patients about the risk to their fertility in case of gonadotoxic treatments and orient them to the different options available in a respectful and sensitive manner.
Her clinical practice goes from pregnancy follow up, infertility evaluation and treatment, screening through pap smear and HV testing, and treating any gynecological complaints (infection, irregular periods, hormonal imbalance…)
Her enthusiasm for research and academics continued while in Belgium where she was involved in basic science and clinical research on fertility preservation. She published several papers on the subject and recently presented an abstract of her project at the European Society of Gynecologists conference held in Brussels in October 2013.

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