Vanessa van Vliet

Vanessa van Vliet is a clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist with a 4-year extensive training in Criminology from the School of Criminology of the University of Montreal. She also specializes in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Her professional experience covers children, adolescents and adults from various cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds, in addition to her broad experience in the fields ofaddiction and prisons. She has also worked with marginalized populations such as delinquents, LGBT and refugees.

Aside from her ongoing clinical practice, she is currently working with torture survivors at the Centre Nassim for the rehabilitation of torture victims, as well as abused women and children, and intimate violence perpetrators at KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation.

Vanessa vanVliet is an activist for human rights. She is particularly passionate about gender equality, LGBT rights in Lebanon and the improvement of the Lebanese judicial and prison systems in terms of psychological assessments and rehabilitation of criminals and delinquents.Throughout the years, she has volunteered in various NGOs such as Jeunesse Anti-Drogue, Dar el Amal and Centre Libanais des Droits Humains.

Vanessa van Vliet was a LebMASH Executive Board until January 2017 and was appointed as LebMASH Partner Coordinator starting February 2017.

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