Sa7tein: Donor Appreciation Lunch in Seattle

On Aug. 27th 2017, many LebMASH donors gathered in Seattle at Dr. Hasan Abdessamad’s home for an authentic Lebanese culinary experience. The event was hosted by Linda Baker, Honorary Board Member, and Dr. Abdessamad, founder and past-president. It was attended by 22 donors who shared healthy food and good times.

During the event, videos from previous LebMASH campaigns were screened and followed by an informal Q&A session. Guests also got a chance to learn how to prepare Lebanese coffee and how to drink Arak in the traditional Lebanese way.

The event was privately funded by Dr. Abdessamad to honor donors who contributed to the GivingLoop campaign that he launched in June 2017.

The feedback was so incredible that the hosts decided to turn it into an annual event to honor active recurrent donors

You are automatically invited to 2018 event if your name is on this list:, regardless of the amount of your monthly contribution.

LebMASH board members sending their gratitude to donors